Do you want to receive your payments online in the biggest South American market?

Pagdigital helps you make your payments in the Brazilian market. Safe and easy.

The Brazilian market has more than 20,000 transactions per minute,
and more than 1 trillion dollars per year.

Pagdigital Fintech has more than 10 years in the market and our team of experts understands all the details of the Brazilian market.

Bank Slip (“Boleto”), Automatic Debit and Pix
Some of these methods exist only in Brazil

You can receive money in Brazil through the local banking system and then, you can transfer your money anywhere in the world where your company is located.

We can help you not only with receiving payments but also with setting up the local structure.

Such as opening a legal entity, following the Brazilian laws and policies, and operating in the national market.


We serve over 100,000 customers.

Your payment is guaranteed.

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